Saturday, March 12, 2005

Spleen, spleen everywhere.

Man, anyone who knows me personally, will know that on the odd occasion [ok, maybe an understatement], I like the occasional rant.

Mainly, I rant about the state of my chosen profession (games development).

Something quite new is that the industry is actually starting to come out of the undeground concrete bunker-esque closet and rant publically about its own ills!

CrystalTips: Burn the house down

Has a pretty good review of a GDC'05 session, which I *really should* have been invited on :)

Of course, it would also have to be a week long session.

Frankly though, I'm really quite surprised they went as far with those particular rants as they did. They all sound like good healthy "get it off your chest" style rants, but I'm guessing rubbishing the main gorilla's of the industry is something your average joe-shmoe isnt going to get very far with.

So big up's to Warren et-al, for speaking thier mind, especially Warren, who may have more of a task abating those around him from a business perspective.

Hope I'm there at the next rant, that sounds like a GDC talk I'd *BOTHER* attending!


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