Monday, March 16, 2009

New art style for "leaf" and behaviors

Getting prepared to head off to San Francisco for the GDC and thought I'd post this before I set off on that epic journey.

I've been toying with some art styles just for test purposes that allows me to experiment with the level of "realism" required for the behavioral/emotional side to demonstate that at least partially you don't require realism to allow for emotion to show.

So I came up with this iconic character style based on a number of influences. Its great in that its one style I can actually manage to produce myself! ;) Even the UV layout is easy enough that I can make "skins" for the characters pretty quickly. I'll get an artist to rework them once the world is populated and playing nicely.

So here is the great reveal :)

As you can probably tell, the rest of the world is a work in progress. I need to skin some city blocks up in a similar style to see how that would work. But the "boxes for everything" style certainly works. Plus the faces will be easier to animate using a render to texture for that part anyway. Composition for the win!

Till next time.