Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Sheepy Dilemma

I've got this sheepy dilemma right now and I'm trying to work through the options.

In the game, I've got to show how many sheep have been "counted" for a particular obstacle or endpoint versus how many are "required".

The first thing that came to mind, was a GUI element, which Ive mocked up and stuck in the bottom right corner of the screenie below.

But that felt a little disassociated from the element it was counting, plus its likely that there are going to be more than one element to show as required/counted.

So I decided to do a GUI control that projects from the 3D world onto the 2D gui, showing the same kind of information "in place" so to speak.

But to me, it just doesnt look right.. So now I'm trying to think of alternatives.

What do you think??

Larger Version

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  1. Why not have a row of eggs? Move them from one side of a straw-lined box (dunno what they're called) to the other as the sheep are counted off. You going to have a crowd? You can have a scoreboard if you've got a crowd. Else some local yokel with a chalkboard - you could have him - hilariously - draw some figures backwards etc.