Saturday, November 17, 2007

Pure blue

The last time I was in "the industry", I worked with a bunch of artists. We literally sat in a little group and had a load of fun.

One of the things they used to hassle me about, was this notion of programmers not understanding colour. Thier standard joke was that when you ask a programmer what blue is, they say 00:00:FF (i.e. 0,0,255 or whatever the HTML version of that is).

Artists dont really think in pure tones like that. That is a machine way of thinking and I'm only slowly becoming aware of why it is important. The idea of shades of colours where other colours are involved (so for instance, a blue that isnt pure blue, but is blue-green). Its pretty easy to see that whole programmer colour thing on websites, but it really does play a big part in people's perception of an environment in a game. So I'm taking this a bit far, but I feel that getting the colouring right for my game will be a big part of making it work.

Hopefully once I get some of the techy issues sorted out (which will be a far more in-depth and expansive blog post compared to this) I'll be able to explore the theme more. Clearly for my game to have the "Air" theme I want, it will need to place a lot of emphasis on the blues. Maybe I'll pay for an artist to choose it. Or it'll come out of the concepting phase.

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