Sunday, February 26, 2006

How many british indies are there?

About a year and a half ago, I went to a meeting setup by the guys behind "the game creators" website. It was really a fun meeting, plus I met a good friend there, along with maybe 100 or so other indie developers.

I was just thinking today, I wonder how many really competant indie developers there are in the UK?

The ones I know about right now:

Pompom - creators of shmups
Moonpod - smups again, creators of starscape. I heard they were going for an RTS thing next, but on thier site they have "war angels", check it out for yourself.
Introversion - creators of sneaky hit titles Uplink and Darwinia, they have a nice new title "defcon" in production.
Positech have a unique set of games, in particular democracy seems to be doing well.

So those are about the only really well known british indie developers (as far as I can remember anyway). Not so many considering how many developers this country has got. In fact its kind of shocking really to think that there are only 4 really good indie devs in this country. I know this is probably missing out a load of other people and I'd love to know about more british indies, so if you know of any I've missed please leave a comment.

I think its about time the british indie scene started taking control and making its voice heard. Indies in the US are definitely the driving force right now and I want us brits to start pushing ourselves on to the world stage too.

I guess I'll have to arrange something of an event in order to really consolidate that foundation. Sometime soon I'll post a plan of action for this.

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