Thursday, January 13, 2005

Towards a new year of opportunity.

Hmm, now this is definitely going to be an interesting year. After the wash-out that was 2004 I think I'm about due.

2005 sees the start of a new chapter in the history of ScaryHead. I'm definitely expecting much more to happen business wise this year.

Frankly, if we dont have at least 2 games finished and shipped this year I'm going to re-think the whole of my development plans. I'm not the only person hitting these kind of watershed issues I'm sure, but I feel like I *need* to be making more constant progress to really justify the amount of time I put into development, put into being a game maker altogether really.

Professionally this year looks to hold several opportunities for some interesting work, I cant really say what until its signed-sealed and we're on our way to delivering, but I'd just say that there are plenty of small grants out there for minor research projects. I'll be quite busy the next semester looking at going after plenty of those.

I'm also going to submit a proposal for a fellowship grant, which would let me do some study into the problems of indie gamers and hopefully produce some suggestions for solutions.

So a new year of opportunity indeed, but one thats definitely going to play havok with my timetables.

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